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Top Smart Plumbing Trends of 2020

The new year will introduce new advancements in every industry. And although new cars and computers might get a lot of attention in Clarksville and Nashville, there will be advancements in other important aspects of our daily lives. This includes plumbing.

Many people might not often think about plumbing, but it’s crucial to our everyday lives. Indoor plumbing is the secret hero of our homes. And even though the industry has been around for a long time, that doesn’t mean new trends and advancements aren’t continually being rolled out.

So here are the top plumbing trends coming up in 2020.

Environmental Focus

This is a growing concern throughout every industry. Consumers are becoming more aware and curious about the environmental impacts of the products and services they use. This can take two separate forms in the world of plumbing.

First, people want items in their home that help them reduce the amount of materials they use. People want to keep their waste at a minimum. For instance, a Shower Loop essentially recycles the water used during a shower. Instead of all the excess water going into the sewer, it can be filtered and reused.

The second way plumbing can take environmental factors into account is in the materials used. This could mean using recycled materials, transporting them using sustainable methods, or sourcing green materials.

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Voice Activated Faucets

Technology is a main focus for advancements in just about every aspect of society. Plumbing fixtures are no different.

Personal assistants are becoming increasingly popular. People love the ability to walk to a room and turn on the lights by simply asking them to turn on. This capability is coming to a place you might not have thought possible — the kitchen sink.

These smart capabilities are becoming an increasingly popular addition to new plumbing fixtures in Clarksville and Nashville. In fact, a number of different manufacturers are getting in on the action. This will allow users to turn on the faucet with the sound of their voice. Beyond that, they will be able to adjust the temperature.

Bluetooth Toilets

Even the toilet is getting a technological upgrade. What might seem like a basic utilitarian tool is evolving into a luxurious opportunity for spoiling yourself. Gone are the days when your hands have to do just about anything.

These toilets can be hooked up to an app on your phone for a number of functions. You can lift the toilet seat with the push of a button and flush it as you walk away. And if your toilet seat has a bidet attachment, you can operate that as well.

These toilets can even be outfitted with speakers which can play music while you do what you have to do.

Smart Water Filtration

Water filters are frequently added to homes. City water doesn’t always meet the customer’s standards. In the past, these filters were simply attached, swapped out after a certain amount of time, and that was it. The water that came through the tap was what you got.

However, these systems are now being fitted with bluetooth technology so you can track exactly what’s going on with your water. This includes information regarding how much water is being used. It can also give you alerts regarding how your filter is working as well as when it is time to replace it.

Automated Sprinklers

These advancements can also cover areas outside of the house in Clarksville and Nashville. Sprinklers are frequently used to water lawns, bushes, and flowers throughout the summer. But homeowners were limited to simply turning the tap on and off at the house.

This is changing. Landscaping concerns can now be addressed with the touch of a button. Smart sprinkler systems can help you keep track of what has been watered, when, and how much. Set a timer to water areas of your lawn and control it from your smartphone as you go about your day. They can even be programmed to adjust their watering schedule based on local weather.

Easy Payment Methods

Plumbing companies themselves need to adapt to the growing use of technology in the way they run their businesses. Customers are growing more accustomed to the ability to do everything with their phones. The main way this affects the plumbing industry is in the way a company is able to process payments.

Electronic payments are essential. Only a small percentage of people pay for items with checks. And even though checks are the historic go-to means of payment for a service like this, that trend is quickly changing.

There are many apps a business can download to accept credit cards or other forms of electronic payment. These options are going to become increasingly necessary.

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