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7 Tips for Protecting Your Plumbing From Frozen Pipes

If you live in the United States, you probably were aware of the polar vortex this year. As just about every state in the country was hit with below freezing temperatures, it’s important for you to know how to protect your plumbing from frozen pipes.

Frozen pipes can be more than just an inconvenience; they can cause damage to multiple areas of your home. However, regardless of your geographic location, frozen pipes can be avoided. To ensure your plumbing piping systems are functioning properly, look out for local plumbing services in your area.

The freezing of your pipes can occur due to sudden drops in temperature, inadequate insulation and thermostats being set too low. To avoid these problems this season and in the future, we’ve compiled a list of ways for you to protect your plumbing.

Here are 7 tips for protecting your plumbing from frozen pipes:

  • Be Prepared
  • Insulate Your Plumbing
  • Store Your Garden Hose Away
  • Seal Air Leaks
  • Check Your Thermostat
  • Utilize a Space Heater
  • Let Your Faucets Drip


Be Prepared

When it comes to protecting your plumbing from frozen pipes, it’s important to be prepared for the worst. In case of an emergency, the first step you’ll need to take is to shut off all of your water. Make a point to note where your water shutoff point is, and ensure the rest of your household knows it’s location as well.

In the event that your pipes freeze and cause damage to your home, make sure your household knows who to call. While small bursts may be a temporary fix, larger damages may require immediate repair to ensure the safety of your home.


Insulate Your Plumbing

Do you have exposed piping in your attic or crawl spaces? If so, these types of pipes are even more susceptible to freezing. Not only are they more exposed and vulnerable to the cold, these pipe locations also don’t maintain heat flow.

Depending on where your pipes are located, you’ll want to make sure your plumbing is properly insulated. If you’re unsure about your plumbing insulation, contact a local company like Mid-state Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing for any of your plumbing service needs. With different forms of insulation for interior and exterior use, forms can include a pipe sleeve, heat tape or heat cable.


Store Your Garden Hose Away

When it comes to protecting your plumbing, your garden hoses can create certain risks as a point of entry. Make sure all garden hoses are disconnected, drained, dried and stored properly before winter.

Pro Tip: If you’re able to, shut off the water from inside to drain leftover water in the pipes that lead to the outdoor faucets.

If you’re in need of plumbing services of any kind, contact Mid-state Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing in Nashville, TN.


Seal Air Leaks

Regardless of how cold the temperatures get in your area, pipes are already at high risk of freezing. The last thing a cold pipe needs is excess cold air getting trapped inside. Be sure to seal all leaks located near pipes that are capable of letting cold air sneak in.

Look for leaks on your own, or hire a professional to assess the needs of your plumbing. Leaks can often be found in pipes, dryer vents, and electrical wiring, and seal them with caulk or insulation.


Check Your Thermostat

Just like the rest of us, saving money by avoiding turning your heat on in the colder months might be your go to move. However, if your home is not kept warm enough, it can negatively contribute to your plumbing resulting in frozen pipes. A problem much more expensive than your heating bill.

Be sure to not turn down the thermostat at night as the colder temperatures tend to happen while we are sleeping. When going out of town during the colder months, remember to keep your heat on at a minimum of 55°F. If you decide to shut off your water for longer vacations, be sure your pipes are drained.


Utilize a Space Heater

Remember, the goal in protecting your plumbing is to merely keep your pipes from freezing, you don’t need to go overboard. However, if you’re extra concerned about temperatures affecting your piping, try placing a space heater in close proximity to unprotected pipes to help keep them warm.

Pipes running along an exterior wall in your home tend to be more vulnerable. Open cabinet doors to place the space heater in front so it can generate heat inside the space. This can be beneficial for pipes inside bathroom or kitchen cabinets.


Let Your Faucets Drip

In times of extremely cold weather like the polar vortex, try to let warm water drip from your faucets that are served by more exposed or poorly insulated pipes. This can ensure water flows freely through your pipes as they experience colder temperatures in the winter months.

As we still tend to experience below freezing temperatures deep into the spring season, managing and protecting your plumbing from freezing pipes is still important. Without a fully functioning plumbing system, you wouldn’t have access to fresh water or the ability to dispose of waste in an efficient and sanitary manner. No one wants to live in a home without the ability to wash their hands, take a shower, or use the toilet. In fact, running water has become such a necessity that most cities require it.

We know how important it is to keep your plumbing in Clarksville TN in good shape, which is why Mid–State Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Nashville TN offers a full range of plumbing services in Nashville, TN, Clarksville, TN, and the Middle Tennessee area.

Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers. We’ll make sure that your plumbing system is in the best possible shape for many years to come.

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