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Top 5 Benefits to Hiring a Professional to Handle Your Air Conditioning Installation

Did you know that about 6% of the energy used in your home goes towards your HVAC system? With that much energy going into your air conditioning unit, any mistakes made from an unprofessional or DIY installation could cost you hundreds of dollars. 

If you’ve ever tried to install your own air conditioning unit in the past, then you know it can be a difficult feat. However, with the help of a professional, your air conditioning installation will be handled with the right tools and won’t create any long lasting problems within your home. While a professional air conditioning installation can save you money, opting for a professional can have a multitude of other benefits as well.

Here’s what you need to know about the top 5 benefits to a professional air conditioning installation:

      1. Receive Professional Advice
      2. Proper Installation Techniques
      3. Proper Safety Measures
      4. Less Time
      5. Peace of Mind

Receive Professional Advice

One of the biggest risks to DIY air conditioning installations is the inability to ask for professional advice. There are so many HVAC options available, from a variety of sources and sizes, you may not know what will work best for your home and unique needs. When you work with an HVAC professional, your needs will be properly addressed and paired with the right solutions. 

Understand the differences between an air conditioner vs. a central heat pump. If you’re looking for one system to do it all, there’s no question on air conditioner vs. heat pump – the heat pump central air wins. Air conditioners, plainly put, are for cooling the air only.

Be sure to ask your HVAC professional what you should be aware of for your specific air conditioning unit after it has been installed. This way, you can avoid any costly repairs or max out your HVAC unit. Getting professional advice in terms of the right solutions and preventative maintenance can be the difference between a costly disaster and your air conditioning unit running smoothly. 

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Proper Installation Techniques 

One of the most obvious benefits to utilizing a professional for your air conditioning installation is that it will be done correctly the first time. Incorrect or unprofessional installations can lead to excessive energy use within your residential property. Issues created from a DIY installation can potentially cost you a large sum of money in wasted utilities. And, if you don’t notice the problem and fix it right away, those extra costs can pile up quickly.

Not only will this increase your spending, but long term, undetected damage from an installation gone wrong can lead to poor air quality within your home. In order to avoid costly repairs or poor air quality within your home, hire a HVAC professional to handle your air conditioning installation. A professional will have the right tools and proper installation techniques to ensure your unit runs efficiently throughout your residential property. 

Proper Safety Measures

Every type of air conditioning unit comes with its own set of safety standards and instructions. These standards can vary depending on whether your unit runs on gas or electricity. When it comes to following proper safety measures during your DIY installation, you’re bound to not have all the right tools or information. 

With a professional air conditioning installation, you can rest assured that all proper safety measures will be followed during your installation. On top of that, any local governmental codes will also be met during your installation process. A HVAC professional will have the right equipment and knowledge to properly install your unit from start to finish. 

Less Time

If you’re still currently planning to go through with a DIY air conditioning installation, you might want to rethink your Saturday afternoon plans. While a professional installation may only take a few hours because the plumbing technician knows what they are doing, a DIY installation could take you much more time. Rather than get stuck working on a multiple day project as you don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to install your air conditioning unit, call a HVAC professional! A professional air conditioning installation will take up much less time than doing it yourself. 

Peace of Mind

In order to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning system, a professional installation can give you that extra peace of mind. As we said earlier, a DIY installation can lead to a plethora of undetected problems that can eventually lead to permanent damage within your home. As someone who does not have the proper equipment or assistance to install their air conditioning unit on their own, you might be left feeling concerned as to if you completed the job correctly. 

Rather than be worried about your unit functionality or concerned about your electric bill costs, stick to a professional air conditioning installation. A HVAC professional will install your unique unit solutions in no time, protecting the integrity of your home and giving you a sense of ease.


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