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Why You Need to Filter the Air in Your Home

Did you know that the higher number your filter is on the merv scale, the less efficient your filtration efforts are? As you likely want to breathe in only quality air within your home and ensure the longevity of your heating and cooling system, making sure your air is filtered through a quality HVAC system filter is important. While it can sometimes be difficult to find the right system for your home and the best filter options, it doesn’t have to be. 

With the help of a professional, your air conditioning unit will be able to filter the air in your home properly, efficiently and won’t create any long lasting problems within your system. While filtering the air in your home to any degree can benefit your health and the health of your home, ensuring proper filtration can be achieved with the help of a quality filter and an HVAC professional.

Here’s why you need to filter the air in your home through your HVAC system:

      1. System Longevity
      2. Improve Air Quality 
      3. Cut Down on Energy Usage 
      4. Peace of Mind

System Longevity

When it comes to your HVAC system, air filters can make or break your unit. Did you know that dirt and neglect are one of the leading causes of failure for heating and cooling systems? These issues can also lead to a clogged air filter and can cause costly damage to your entire cooling system.  

When your filtration system becomes clogged with dirt, it can prevent the air from flowing properly throughout the system and if left clogged long enough, can lead to overheating. Replacing your filters with quality devices is an easy way to lengthen the life of your system.

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Improve Air Quality 

Similarly, in order to improve the air quality in your home, a clean, quality air filter can help to remove most of the dust and pollen particles that would otherwise be in the air. This is particularly important for children, elderly family members and anyone suffering from allergies or asthma. With regular filter replacements, and quality products, your system will be able to purify the air consistently- leaving it clean and healthy.

Cut Down on Energy Usage 

When it comes to improving the air quality in your home, a proper filter system can be there to help. Not only will you benefit your health and the health of your home, but you can positively impact the environment as well. 

With a clogged filter, your system must work harder to pump the same amount of air around your home. This requires much more energy to make your heating and air conditioning work, meaning your energy bill can skyrocket. In order to cut down on energy usage, electricity costs and benefit the environment, a quality air filter is important for your HVAC system. 

Pro Tip: A system that works harder due to poor air filtration can lead to more carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gasses being released into the air outside.

Peace of Mind

In order to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning system, a quality air filtration system can give you that extra peace of mind. Not only will you be able to promote a healthy HVAC unit, but you will be able to improve the air quality in your home, help the environment and cut down on energy usage. 

With all of these benefits to your health, home and wallet, working with an HVAC professional can ensure you make the right choices for your heating and cooling unit. With the proper equipment and assistance needed to install your unit or a new filter, a professional will ensure everything is running smoothly. 

Rather than be worried about your unit functionality or concerned about your electric bill costs, stick to a professional air conditioning installation. A HVAC professional will install your unique unit solutions in no time, protecting the integrity of your home and giving you a sense of ease.

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