We needed to replace our old heat & air unit. I wanted to make sure with the expense of a new unit, I got the right company to install it, and also do the things I thought would be important if the unit was to run as efficient as possible. Inspect the duct work, registers, and returns for any leaks, and seal as needed. I thought this should be part of the install. Mid-State was the fourth company that gave us an estimate, and had two more scheduled after them. Chris the advisor for Mid-State came out, and spent about two hours doing his calculations, telling us about his company, and answering any questions we had. During his visit I did not say anything about the things I thought were important as part of the install. Did not have to, Chris did, said they would check the duct work, registers, and returns as part of the install. None of the other companies that had given us estimates said anything about doing this. I canceled the other two estimates I had scheduled for later, and went with Mid-State. The price was higher than what we had budgeted, but the warranty was better than the other companies I had seen, and I liked what I had read about the company. The bar had been set pretty high with Chris, and the installers lived up to that bar. They explained how the unit worked, installed the new thermostat, explained how it worked, and checked the duct work, and sealed all the registers. They even leveled my other unit I have for the upstairs. I have no reason to expect anything less in the future with the twice a year inspect of the unit, and would recommend Mid-State to anyone needing Heat & Air service.

– John H. in Joelton

My husband came home from work and the heat had obviously gone out. He looked on Angie’s list and found this provider and that they even had a deal for a service call. They were at the house within an hour! Amazingly professional, and even had the part on hand to make the repair. Our heat was back on in no time. We decided to sign up for their service plan as well. Definitely recommend!

– Elsa F. in Brentwood, TN

Troubleshot a frozen unit. Very professional, showed me what the problem was, answered all my geek questions, and gave me my options with no pressure to do one thing over another. Very pleased with this company!

– Greg N. in Nashville, TN

This is my second experience with Mid State and just as great as the first. My downstairs HVAC failed and repair was not an option. Called Mid State based on my previous experience and the estimator Chris came out the same day. He was thoughtful, knowledgeable, funny, and totally understanding of my problem after examining the system. His price estimate was extremely reasonable and given the weather the next and following days for two weeks were to be in the 90’s, arranged for installation the very next day.
The installers Brandon and Terrance arrived on time and were very helpful and cooperative answering my questions and most importantly as well, polite and very professional. It is also important to note that not only did they do the installation in only 3 hours, they also sealed my first floor vents and resealed my main duct trunk and branches in the crawl space to minimize or eliminate escaping air. These were extra services that other HVAC companies charge for but Mid State did these for free as part of their complete installation and service.
Mid State is a family owned business, operating since 1970 and their approach and treatment of their customers is “old school”, the way it used to be back in the day, except their equipment is new age technology.
One added benefit of using Mid State is they are an approved, certified TVA contractor and participate in the E-Score program, Based on the work they did, both paid and free, I will be getting a rebate through them and E-Score for almost $300. As a long time resident of Nashville/Franklin, I prefer to work with local businesses who live in our community and provide this type of service. I highly recommend this company.

– Donald G. in Franklin, TN

Excellent experience. I could not have asked for a better service provider. The technician was both highly qualified and friendly. From making the appointment with the receptionist, to the completion of the visit, excellent service. I will definitely use them again!

– Sherri S. in LaVergne, TN

Very honest and professional! Everything was shown to us and explained in detail before we moved forward with any work to be done. We will definitely use them again.

– Tina R. in Franklin, TN

Robert and his crew did a great job getting the ducts cleaned in May and then getting my three ancient A/C units back on line. They follow up and keep you informed when the tech is going to arrive and they don’t freak out if your 5 minutes late.

– Robert J. in Goodlettsville

We needed a new upstairs a/c in our split system. The entire system was 20 years old. We got 5 estimates, including a company I had used for 30+ years. We decided on Mid-State largely because of Chris, the representative who came for our initial contact. Open, honest, not pushy, very informative. The price was among the highest of all the estimates, but we then added some other features to the proposed package and made an offer back to Chris. After he checked with the CEO, he made a counter proposal that we accepted. It included a furnace and specialized filters both upstairs and downstairs. The installers were great and answered every question that I asked. They even addressed a past problem with the condensation line that we had expressed as a concern. We received a call from the CEO the next day to make sure that we were satisfied with the service. So far, 6 weeks later, we are extremely satisfied. I would highly recommend Mid-State to anyone, and will contract with them again when our lower a/c needs replacement.

– Larry S. in Hermitage

Our upstairs A/C unit stopped producing cold air and was making a strange noise. A tech took a look and listened to the unit and then explained what he wanted to do. He told me the charges up front and let me know that if those things didn’t fix the problem, he wouldn’t charge me for them. Luckily, the first thing he did (add refrigerant) did work. We talked about how there might be a possible (and likely) small leak. He added a sealant with dye at no extra charge in the event they needed to come out again soon. After he was finished and the bill was paid for he took one last look and checked the temperature just to be extra sure that things were ok before he left. The tech was very friendly and knowledgeable. I was very satisfied with the visit and we haven’t had any problems since. I’ve also already recommended them to friends who have had A/C troubles.

– Tim H. in Nashville, TN

They were extremely professional and thorough, literally cleaning even all the coils and walking my husband through the crawl space to show him all the needs

– Lauren S. in Nashville, TN

Used the Spring cleaning promotion. Mid State arrived as scheduled and performed the maintenance under the watchful eye of my wife. The tech was willing to explain all the work he was performing. They offered additional service as a preventive maintenance but we declined. They were not pushy at all. Definitely felt it was a good value.

– Thomas G. in Nolensville

This is an exceptionally well run company with people that know what they’re doing and operate with integrity.
My upstairs electric AC unit was leaking badly and their was an incredible amount of moisture collecting inside of the utility closet where it is located. Additionally, there was an large opening in the ceiling of the closet heading up to the roof where part of the duct work to the AC unit ran. The size of the opening up to the hot air in the roof area combined with the coolness of the unit while running was creating a rainforest more or less in the closet. Not a good situation.
Mid-state sent one of their certified repairmen out to assess the issue. While he arrived 45 minutes late vs. the window provided to me over the phone the previous day, the dispatcher did call ahead to let me know. So they handled that part professionally and that professionalism was common theme from then on out.
The repairman provided me a detailed quote for repairing the unit and it was quite high, primarily because there was a lot of rust inside of the 10-year old unit and the coil had to be completely replaced. I then asked about the cost of replacing the unit completely. The repairman then immediately got on the phone with another guy at the company who handles new installation sales. He then handed the phone to me and he said he’d be over within an hour to have a look at the house and go over options with me.
45 minutes later he was there and 30 minutes after that I had all of the information I needed to make the right decision. While it was going to cost me around $2k more for a new unit, fixing a 10-year old out-of-warranty unit did not appeal to me in the least. Plus, Mid State offers 2 free inspections (fall and spring) for the first year post installation. So I went with the new unit.
We scheduled the installation for the following morning. I couldn’t be there due to work commitments so I entrusted them with a key. Fast forward to the following afternoon and I came home to not just a new unit but a better installed unit: they went ahead and insulated/closed-off the opening from the inside of the HVAC closet to the roof. The new system runs perfectly.

– Brian M. in Nashville, TN

After honoring the Angie’s List HVAC tune up package purchased online, we discussed problems with my unit. After discussing the problems, my husband and I decided to have work done on a paced out timeline. They were very accommodating. We are still working with them

– Toni D. in Nashville, TN

Brendan did an awesome job! He was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I highly recommend Mid State Air Conditioning and Heating.

– Steven S. in Franklin, TN

Scheduling the services was super easy and they were very informative with the process. The service guys day of were awesome. They were on time, friendly, hard working and did a great job! I was impressed that I also received a follow up call the day after to see how everything went. I would suggest this company to anyone!

– Brandy C. in Hermitage

He checked my furnace, cleaned the filter, and assessed the overall health of our system. He also installed a carbon monoxide detector. |The service man was very professional and spoke highly of the owner. He did not try to scare me into spending more money which I appreciated.

– Katherine R. in Brentwood

A very good experience….I used Angie’s List to narrow my choices, and was very glad that I chose Mid-State. Everyone is professional, personable, and knowledgeable. The ‘comfort advisor,’ Chris, was great, and spent several hours at the house to evaluate conditions and size the equipment properly. The techs worked into the evening to get things done (and made sure I had a/c before departing on Day 1!). The owner, Robert, called me after the installation was complete to make sure everything went as planned and to my satisfaction. My new a/c is cooler and the new furnace looks like it was installed by professionals (the old unit was propped up on bricks and dirt).

– Robin J. in Nashville, TN

I was impressed with the speed and professionalism of Mid-State’s team. When we set up the appointment I was told it may take 2 days, but they stayed late and were able to finish it in a single day. There wasn’t any issue with mud tracked into our house even though it was raining on the day it was done. When they sealed the ducts in the attic we noticed an immediate difference in our upstairs because we weren’t losing all of our heated air anymore. Our sons room was always cold at night before and it stays warm now. Additionally, they were able to fix the dryer vent under our house which had recently come loose – this was great because I don’t really like getting under the house. Insulation is a project that pays for itself over time, but we immediately felt good about our investment because of how this job went.

– Robert H. in Spring Hill

The technicians were both courteous and helpful during the whole vent cleaning process, as well as the installation of the thermostat. I plan on using them for my spring/fall air conditioning/heating unit tuneup that I try to do every year. It is very nice to find a family oriented business anxious to please their customers and do a good job. I highly recommend them to my neighbors (I allowed them to put a sign in my yard to that effect.)

– Christina B. in Spring Hill

COMPLETELY & TOTALLY impressed with these fine folks! From my first contact with Jennifer in the office, the experience could not have been better. My tech, Shannon, was marvelous, communicative, and professional. I let him “sell” me what i thought was a fantastic deal of 99.00 for two tuneups a year, and including a pretty nifty discount on repairs, if needed. HIRE THESE FOLKS! By the way….i’m very slow to recommend like this. But these folks are more than worth it. Got a feeling these folks will keep my unit running for a very long time. Many thanks!!!!

– Joshua W. in Nashville, TN

Replaced dead HVAC system. This company was wonderful in every way. After my system died I did my homework, reading everything I could about how to get the correct/best/most cost-effective HVAC system. Most important thing I gleaned was that a reputable contractor should ALWAYS do a load calculation to determine the correct size system. A system that is too big will cycle on & off constantly, cost you tons of money & you will never be comfortable. One that is too small can’t do the job, you will be uncomfortable & it will cost you tons of money. (Many states require HVAC contractors to perform load calculations, but not TN.) 2nd most important point: the service after the sale matters tremendously. You want service 24/7 and a real person who answers the phone, and prompt service if something goes wrong.

I obtained quotes from 6 companies, 2 of which are the most familiar Nashville names in HVAC. I told all the salesmen that the existing system was 4 Ton, cycled on & off constantly for years, many rooms with hot/cold spots, and we had never been really comfortable. One salesman (from one of the top 2 names) told me I didn’t know how to operate the system, another told me that an HVAC could not function properly at my preferred temperatures. Right! Quotes varied wildly, but Mid-State won me over. It was the ONLY company which insisted on doing a load calculation before telling me what I needed. (Thank you, Chris!). One company agreed to do calculation AFTER I signed a contract, another wanted to charge for it. The others refused, just saying they would replace with the same size as I had or go higher. RIDICULOUS. I also called all the companies after hours to see what kind of service I could expect. The only company with a real person 24/7 was Mid-State …..which could matter a lot at 3 am in January! ?Before Chris from Mid-State would even give a recommendation or quote he did a load calculation. Chris came up with a recommendation for a 3 Ton, even though I had a 4 ton. I had many questions, which the owner, Robert, was extremely patient about, putting up with multiple phone calls & a slew of questions. No pressure from him, just an absolute gentleman. To be sure about the size, they ran the calculation a second time. Based on referrals, insistence on doing a load calculation, quality of equipment, phone service, I selected Mid-State, and am I ever happy!?Mid-State wasn’t the most expensive, wasn’t the cheapest. But, I do believe they are the best. The day after I told Chris I wanted the system, the men showed up. Within hours I had heat!!!! They tested the air flow in all the rooms to make sure everything was working right, wore their booties in the house, cleaned up completely in the yard, and hauled all the debris away. PERFECTION! ?BOY were Chris and Robert right about this system! NO hot spots, no cold spots. The system doesn’t cycle continuously and it is quiet. Our house is comfy, for the first time in 17 years AND we are using 25%-33% LESS gas and electricity to run this fantastic system.?So…….. they did a load calculation, provided good equipment with a good warranty, quick clean install, checked the system performance before leaving & have followed up several times to be sure all is working, I’m saving money every month., and we are comfortable. Am I happy? YOU BET!

– Christina G. in Franklin, TN

Three technicians showed up at exactly the time they had stated. They explained the entire process and that it would require several hours to perform the necessary work. They began the tear out phase while awaiting arrival of the system. Once it arrived, they took numerous measurements and realized that it would be impossible to get the attic unit in place through the attic opening. Instead of saying there was nothing they could do, these guys contacted the warehouse and described the style of unit needed that would function perfectly with the system and could be raised into place inside the attic. As they awaited delivery of the unit, the team set about updating the necessary tubing, returns, etc to allow max efficiency once installed. Despite several challenges associated with the pre-existing system, they never compromised on their quality of work. It was first rate. Thy prepared us for the possibility that they might not be able to complete the heating unit on the same day but they would not leave until we had a functioning air system. With the temps outside in the 90s, we did not think the gas heater was critical. These three guys worked essentially non-stop for over 10 hrs to have our system in place and the house cool. What was really impressive was that despite the extensive work of running copper lines, rearranging things, and constant trips into the attic, when they left you would never had known anyone had been there doing anything. It was spotless in the house and in the yard. Despite the lateness of the day and that it was a holiday weekend, they took the time to fully explain the unit, the thermostat, and how to operate the system. This company from the owner, the sales guy who went out of his way to make sure we had the absolute proper system, and the installers were exceptional. They were so good that as soon as we need to replace the other system, we will make only one call and that will be to this group.

– Chuck T. in Brentwood

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